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New builds 

J&M Builder: Create your dream home: New builds homes crafted with care.


J&M Builders offers expert house extension services tailored to fit your specific needs. Our experienced team has extensive experience in extending homes, and can help you add space to your home for a better quality of life. From the planning stages right through to completion, J&M Builders always ensures a friendly, professional approach and the highest standard of workmanship. 


Let J&M Builder assist you with the conversion of your garage into a functional office space. We offer fast and highly detailed construction services that help you plan, build and create the perfect space for your needs. We strive to make every project a success, no matter what the challenges may be.


"Transform your home with J&M Builder!We specialize in innovative house refurbishment solutions. With our trained professionals and cutting edge construction tools, we guarantee satisfaction. Experience the power of a refreshed and reinvigorated home with J&M Builder!"


Are you having difficulty finding a reliable business to redesign your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than J&M Builder. Our renowned team of construction professionals specialize in refurbishment kitchens and bathrooms for a superior, high-quality look. Don't be just another brick in the wall when it comes to your construction dreams - enlist the help of J&M Builder for unmatched service and satisfaction! 

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